Bryce Dallas Howard take us on a Thrill Ride

Bryce Dallas Howard helps bring one of this summer’s most anticipated films to life

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May / June 2018

Howard in Jurassic World / Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment

Bryce Dallas Howard has been making movies since her father, Ron Howard, cast her as an ­extra in his 1989 film, Parenthood. So you might think the star of The Help would be a little jaded about well, everything, including her major role in this month’s Jurassic World (alongside this issue’s cover star, Chris Pratt). Howard is just the opposite. “This movie is the thrill of my life. I probably won’t even believe that I’m in it until I’m a senior citizen or something!” After nearly 15 years of stellar work, her charm and wit (and killer acting chops) have her poised for, well, monster stardom.

American Way: Obviously, the Jurassic Park movies are classics. How did you feel going into it?
Bryce Dallas Howard: The first film was so profound for me, and really, my generation. I can always recall that remarkable image of Laura Dern and Sam Neill looking at the brachiosaurus, the idea of “dino DNA,” the image of the ­mosquito in the amber. Not to mention, anytime I see something magnificent, I hear the ­Jurassic Park theme song playing in my head — don’t you?

AW: Did you have to prep for the physicality of this role?
BDH: I’ve got two very energetic young kids, a giant puppy and an acrobatic cat, so in short, my life is basically a human obstacle course.

AW: How was it acting opposite dinosaurs?
BDH: Most of the dinosaurs are going to be digitally created, but there was a crucial scene when I got the chance to act opposite an animatronic dinosaur. Sometimes, if I would be agonizing over the details when I was acting opposite a tennis ball (in place of what would eventually be created), I would realize that I’d ultimately be in a scene with an epic dinosaur and think, “I really don’t have to stress.”

AW: You’ve been involved in the business for a long time. Any advice to young up-and-comers?
BDH: I am obsessed with this online show called MarieTV, and [Marie Forleo] recently said, “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” This piece of advice sums up everything for me. In retrospect for myself, it is through taking action and doing that I have learned most about myself.


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