My Travel Tales: Toni Braxton

The R&B star shares her wildest travel memories

May 2018

German Past Life

One of my favorite places that I’ve ever been is a little spa town in Germany called Baden-Baden. As soon as I land, I feel so free and happy. Every time I go back, I have the best feeling, and everything is familiar. I’ve wondered, “Maybe I lived here in a past life?” 

Third-Wheeling in Italy

About four years ago, a wealthy billionaire asked me to fly to Venice and sing all the songs from my Secrets album. “My fiancée loves you!” he said in a thick Italian accent. “You’re her favorite.” He was the most romantic person in the world. This was my smallest audience—and, in a way, my biggest audience. The two of them ate dinner and sipped Bellinis while I sang, and they danced together when I did “Un-Break My Heart.”

Hawaii with the Boys

My sons and I go every other year. It’s our family place. I love the smell of volcanic ash in the air. You could blindfold me, and I’d know by the smell of the air that I was in Maui. With the two boys, doing anything with Mom isn’t so hot right now, but when they were younger, they loved playing with all the statues at the Grand Wailea Resort.

Thirsty in Atlanta

I’m originally from Maryland. When I launched my career, Atlanta became home. I still go back and forth. The city has really changed over the years. One thing I like to do when I’m in town is visit the World of Coca-Cola. I love it. It’s my thing. Of all the different flavors they have to sample there, my favorite is the one with a lot of bubbles.  



My black blanket goes everywhere I go. I like that it’s not too fuzzy—or else I’d look like a stuffed animal. If I’m on a plane, I always make sure my seat belt is on outside the blanket, so no one has to wake me up. 



I have my iPad and my iPad mini. On one, I listen to music and play sudoku. On the other, I watch a movie. I have to make sure everything is stimulated: my eyes and my ears. 



I have to chew gum because my ears pop a lot, especially on planes. I love Juicy Fruit. 


Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.

I grew up reading Judy Blume, and I keep going back to this same book. I always find myself flipping to a page, and I just start rereading it. I do this about 80 percent of the time when I travel. It’s a ritual. 



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