Platinum List 2018: Best Vineyard Experience

Château d’Esclans, Jordan Vineyard & Winery, Marqués de Riscal

September / October 2018

Extraordinary vintages combine with excellent restaurants and accommodations in these bucolic establishments.

Château d’Esclans

La Motte en Provence, France

A few hours northeast, in the heart of Provence, lies Château d’Esclans, home to the most popular rosé in the world, Whispering Angel. The 19th-century estate offers private wine tastings, as well as tours of the vineyard and cellars where traditional form meets modern function. “Our state-of-the-art equipment facilitates the possibility to make great rosé like never before,” says Château d’Esclans’ Tom Schreckinger.
 —Shellie Frai


Jordan Winery

Healdsburg, California, United States

In Sonoma County’s Alexander Valley, amid 1,200 acres of rolling hills, Jordan Vineyard & Winery brings the old-world elegance of Bordeaux to California. Guests receive guided tours of the vineyards, chef’s garden and on-site apiary, and enjoy gourmet meals featuring tastings of current releases as well as older vintages.  


Marqués de Riscal

Elciego, Spain

Nestled among some of the world’s most well-known Rioja bodegas, this Frank Gehry-designed structure rises like a steel mirage against the region’s medieval buildings. 


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