Platinum List 2018: Boutique Cruising Experience

American Queen Steamboat Company, Seabourn Cruise Line, Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection, Viking Ocean Cruises

September / October 2018

This year’s extraordinary lines offer unforgettable journeys on the water. 

American Queen Steamboat Company

Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Travel back in time as you set sail on the premier brand of American paddlewheel riverboat cruises. The 450-passenger boats offer country club-meets-Victorian style with period antiques, wallpapered rooms and large open verandas. Every boat has a guide with a wealth of river knowledge.

Seabourn Cruise Line

Miami, Florida, United States

On any Seabourn ship, audience members enter the Grand Salon to enjoy the exclusive show An Evening With Tim Rice. The concert-style presentation highlights the acclaimed English lyricist’s work from Jesus Christ Superstar to The Lion King. The show begins after guests finish a multicourse dinner at Michelin-starred chef Thomas Keller’s restaurant The Grill. On the menu are timeless steakhouse classics, including tableside preparations of Caesar salad and ice cream sundaes. During the day, travelers can enjoy treatments at The Onboard Spa by Steiner, which includes the new program Spa and Wellness With Dr. Andrew Weil, the celebrity doctor and advocate for holistic and integrative medicine. Dr. Weil sails on a number of Seabourn ships to deliver seminars and conduct small group discussions, accompanied by yoga and meditation practitioners. “Seabourn is luxurious yet relaxed, elegant yet casual,” says travel consultant Ashley Fenton.
—Shellie Frai

Uniworld Boutique River Cruises

Los Angeles, California, United States

Sailing throughout Europe as well as to Asia and Egypt, this superior fleet of river vessels offers a boutique experience with the highest staff-to-guest ratio in the industry. 

Viking Ocean Cruises

Woodland Hills, California, United States

The ships are designed in modern Scandinavian style with a cool color palette and an infinity pool. There is a Swedish spa on board, nightclub and outdoor gym with a putt-putt course and bowling green. Guests set out on culturally enhanced trips featuring guest lecturers and Viking resident historians, while enjoying privileged access at world-class museums and visits to rare collections.



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