Two chefs take a new approach to cuisine

Roy Choi, the king of Los Angeles street food, debuts his talent in Sin City and Bizzare Food star Andrew Zimmern launches a Chinese restaurant

WORDS Gerry Tan
December 2018

Roy Choi gambles on Vegas

Roy Choi wants Las Vegas locals and visitors alike to meet his new Best Friend. The Korean-American chef behind such popular L.A. eateries as A-Frame, Chego and the famed Kogi food trucks is bringing his trademark energy and flair for blurring the lines between cuisines to the Park MGM. Choi promises Best Friend (opening Dec. 28) will be a greatest hits compilation. He notes, “It’s the first place where you can have a Kogi taco with Korean barbecue and fried chicken from A-Frame.” A liquor store-style entrance will greet diners, along with the smells of sizzling barbecue platters circulating the funky 9,000-square-foot venue. There’s even a walk-in glass chamber dedicated to all things kimchi.


Andrew Zimmern doesn’t want to gross you out anymore
While the jovial Andrew Zimmern has become a household name for eating bugs on TV, he’s looking to shed his role as a weird-food aficionado with the opening of his new restaurant Lucky Cricket, located outside Minneapolis in St. Louis Park. Spoiler alert: You won’t find crickets on the menu. Here, Zimmern dishes on his rules for becoming a restaurateur. 


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