My Travel Tales: Denise Richards

The actress and newest member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shares her fondest travel memories

March 2019

Bahamas Mamas

A week into filming Housewives, I was thrown into the action when we took a big trip together to the Bahamas. I knew some of them—Lisa Rinna is a good friend—but was just getting to know the others. It was fun to be with this group and not have our children or partners there. You definitely learn a lot about people when you travel together.

Big Sky Country

I’m usually a tropical island vacation type of girl, but Montana has definitely converted me. I love the big, beautiful sky and wonderful log cabins we stay in. We go river rafting, ATV riding and skiing. My favorite place to stay is The Resort at Paws Up outside of Missoula. It’s like a summer camp for both kids and adults.

Sandwich Obsession

I love Italian food, so of course Italy is one of my favorite places in the world. I remember in Positano I would eat this sandwich made with homemade bread that I could smell baking at 4 a.m. They use this buffalo mozzarella with delicious slices of tomato. I ate that every single day I was there.

Easy Riders

My husband has a motorcycle. We do these staycations here in Los Angeles where we’ll put everything in one bag, hop on the motorcycle and stay in a hotel that’s not too far away for a night. It’s very low-maintenance and some of our most fun.

Ruff-ing It

I’m the person that if I see a dog in need, I adopt it, and I’ve definitely flown home a few friends when traveling around the world. One year, I was working in Spain and met a Lab mix named Luna who was homeless and pregnant. She was in a terrible situation, so I brought her home to California. I have so many pets, I have to stop doing that.



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