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May 2019

One of the most exciting parts of working for an airline is seeing one of your planes land in a new city for the first time. That’s especially true for those of us who work internationally

for American Airlines. Starting an operation at a new airport means we are opening a new culture to the world and opening the world to a new culture.

It means opportunities for not just tourism, but also education, sport and business. This month, we will fly to Santiago de Cuba for the first time from Miami. And in June, we welcome five new international cities to our family: Cordoba, Argentina, from Miami; Durango, Mexico, from Dallas-Fort Worth; and Berlin, Germany; Dubrovnik, Croatia; and Bologna, Italy, from Philadelphia.

The destination closest to my heart is Bologna, the gateway to Tuscany. I am a lifelong Italian with a passion for travel that started with my first job at the airport in Milan. I remember wondering where each plane was going next and wanting to be part of that journey. I joined American a decade ago, and since then, have helped launch the airline’s service to a number of the world cities we still serve today.

With this experience, I have now been entrusted with welcoming our very first customers to a destination I hope you grow to love as much as I do. Bologna, a city of churches and towers, sits in the heart of the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, home to a dozen luxury car and fashion brands, incredible food marketplaces like Eataly and the fourth-largest exhibition district in Europe. To get from the airport to the city’s central railway station takes just seven minutes by monorail. From there, it’s just 34 minutes to Florence, an hour to Milan, 85 minutes to Venice and less than two hours to Rome. Whether you want to tour these cities, the art within them, the sea or the mountains, Bologna is truly Italy’s front door.

As you plan your summer travels, I hope your next adventure will intersect with one of ours, whether here in Italy, at one of our other new cities or perhaps on one of our new routes to a long-time destination, like Chicago to Athens, Greece; or Dallas-Fort Worth to Dublin or Munich. American and my more than 130,000 colleagues look forward to helping you sit back, relax and start your summer, and we thank you for flying with us today.

Emanuele Casto
Team Lead, Customer Service, Bologna, Italy (BLQ)


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