My Travel Tales: Jane Lynch

The Hollywood Game Night host and Glee star shares her favorite travel memories

June 2019

The Glory of Alone Time

I recently went on a three-week retreat with this spiritual teacher I found on YouTube. I was basically out in the woods with 14 other people near a little town outside of Perth called Mundaring. We would meditate, and I would take long walks by myself. One day, I was in the forest and saw five kangaroos whoosh past me. The biggest lesson I learned while there was that I could spend that much time alone. I wasn’t bored for one moment.

Escaping to the American Riviera

Every summer, my family comes from Chicago to California, and we stay at the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore in Santa Barbara. It’s a slice of heaven right outside of Los Angeles. It’s like old Hollywood. You can imagine an old roadster coming up the 101 when it was still a country road. A lot of people retire there, so I always feel very young when I visit. It’s not really overrun by tourists, so I probably shouldn’t be talking about it. It’s terrible. Don’t go!

Setting Up Shop

When I go home to Chicago, my new favorite thing to do is visit the Restoration Hardware that’s taken over the Three Arts Club Building. The landscaping was actually created by the same talented guy who did my little house. There are olive trees, gorgeous flowers, a beautiful fountain and a great restaurant and coffee bar. It’s a classy joint. It’s funny because you can’t go in and buy anything there. You have to order everything. Nobody walks out with a Restoration Hardware shopping bag.

Turning Back Time

New York is my favorite place to be in the world. Last year, my friend Kate Flannery from The Office and I put together this cabaret show at The Carlyle hotel on the Upper East Side. It feels like it was paused in time in 1955. We did 10 nights, and we stayed there. We would take the elevator from our beautiful room down to the lobby and perform in the theater each night. Afterwards, we’d hang out at the Bemelmans Bar. It was such a throwback. We loved it.

Jane’s Packing List 


I like the Bose noise-reducing earbuds—the kind you plug in, not Bluetooth. I always download some TED Talks to listen to on the plane.


I bought this mini-humidifier on Amazon. I pour a bottle of water in it, and the humidifier shoots out a beautiful mist at night when I’m asleep. I wake up and my throat is never dry, which is a very good thing when I am performing.


I always bring two 20-watt Edison bulbs to replace the ones in my hotel room, especially if I’m going to stay somewhere for a while. At lower-end hotels, which I do stay in sometimes, they use halogen bulbs. I just despise that light.

Milk Frother

I love to have a latte or cappuccino in the morning, so I pack my handy-dandy Nespresso milk frother.


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