My Travel Tales: Ryan Eggold

The star of NBC’s New Amsterdam shares his fondest travel memories

September 2019

Found in Translation

When my buddy Matt and I visited Mexico City for the first time, we walked everywhere. The energy is kinetic. The food was incredible, so many amazing new chefs there. One day we stumbled into an old book market while some folks played music on the street nearby. It was filled with books from all over the world in lots of different languages. I speak conversational Spanish, but I bought Albert Camus’ The Stranger (or El Extranjero) in Spanish to see how much I could understand and learn more words.

Double-time Dutch

Amsterdam is one of my favorite places in the world. People associate it with partying, but there’s much more to this idyllic town: the architecture, the parks, the museums, everyone on bicycles. The vibe is very low-key. Once I came across this restaurant where there was great live jazz, some of the best playing I’ve heard in a while. I didn’t realize that Amsterdam had such a great jazz scene.One of my all-time favorite places.  


I was traveling with my mom in Scotland, and she really loved Edinburgh Castle. I did, too. We were fascinated by the history of the castle and the city itself and took way too many pictures. We must’ve taken a million pictures, even asking strangers to take photos of us. But that’s just what you do when you’re traveling with your mom. 

New Year, Same Country

I’ve celebrated New Year’s twice now in Uruguay and it’s become a really special place to me. People are so friendly and easygoing. Everyone comes out to celebrate. I’m usually pretty tame, but it’s easy to stay up until sunrise when you’re on a beach in South America with fireworks going off all night long. 

Ryan’s Packing List

Bluetooth Speaker
Music is the greatest thing in the world, so I like to bring speakers to enjoy my own music from home or to explore the local music of wherever I am visiting.

You’re traveling, you’re moving and there’s nothing like a good Q-tip to make you feel refreshed. A little bit of cleanliness goes a long way when you’re traveling. Q-tips are the cherry on top. 

I just bought my first Leica. The first trip I brought it on was to Mexico City, and it’s so fun to see a new place for the first time and snap those memories on film.

Yankees Hat
I wouldn’t call myself a die-hard fan, but I wear it more for New York. I throw it on when I just want to be comfy. You shouldn’t be worried about messing up your hair or looking cool while you’re on a trip exploring.


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