Black Power Naps/Siestas Negras Aims to Bridge the "Sleep Gap"

A new exhibit in Miami addresses the sleep gap between different communities, based on race and income brackets.

WORDS Rob Goyanes
December 2019

Photography by Avi Avion

Imagine lying on a giant, vibrating waterbed, wispy canopies above you, everything lit in soft purple lighting. This isn’t a hip luxury suite, it’s a work of social commentary. Black Power Naps/Siestas Negras, held at Miami Dade College’s Museum of Art and Design (through January 12), is all about reparative amenities. “There are calming, soothing soundscapes,” says Fannie Sosa, who created the installation along with Navild Acosta, “as well as beanbag beds and guided nap meditations to help visitors relax.”

All the pieces in the installation are meant to restore the circadian rhythm and provide a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the city, but also address what researchers call a “sleep gap” between different communities, based on race and income brackets. When Acosta and Sosa came across this fact, they decided to do something about it. That’s why Black Power Naps isn’t only a space for some shut-eye. “It’s also a space to organize and learn,” Sosa adds.


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