Boca Raton's Rex Baron is a Doomsday-Themed Restaurant

Post-apocalyptic restaurant Rex Baron opens in South Florida.

WORDS Jess Swanson
December 2019

If you survive the apocalypse, the end times don’t actually seem so bad—at least that’s what the founders of Rex Baron, a new post-apocalyptic restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida, would have you believe. “This is not about zombies,” explains co-owner Michael Norris. “This [experience] takes place once the apocalypse has happened and the world is going forward.” Rex Baron is committed to its theme: mannequin characters sport doomsday-chic outfits, while the axes on the wall add a certain catastrophic cachet. “Survivors,” as patrons are called, cook steak on “lava rocks” or sip on cocktails served in Army surplus IV bags while playing interactive virtual-reality games in the lounge.


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