My Travel Tales: Anthony Daniels

The actor renowned for his iconic role of the golden droid C-3PO from the Star Wars saga shares his fondest travel memories.

WORDS Anthony Daniels
December 2019

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Of Salt and Stars

My wife, Christine, and I decided to visit the salt flats at Uyuni in Bolivia. Coincidentally, it was a startling location for a scene in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Wearing rubber boots, we dined under the piercing bright stars in the middle of the flooded salty-white landscape. We sipped Singani, the Bolivian version of pisco, toasting the full moon, rising beside us. It was out of this world.

High Five

Our guide snapped Christine and me on top of Huayna Picchu, with the ruined city of Machu Picchu far below. We’d trekked for what seemed like forever and finally climbed this high outcrop, too. He handed us our picnic and wished us a happy anniversary! Really? We’d been so focused on our trip to South America, we had forgotten! We celebrated with cheese sandwiches and clinking bottled water and saying, “Cheers, well done!” for surviving the trek—and the five years.

Racing Rickshaws

Christine insisted we go to India. She’d been there many years before and thought I’d really like it, too. I did. One dusky evening we took our lives in our own hands and hailed a rickshaw. We experienced a white-knuckle, high-speed ride through the streets of Varanasi, veering between motorbikes, cyclists, cars and cows. When we came to a roundabout it was packed. So our driver went around the circle the wrong way! It was like a scene from Indiana Jones. Thrilling!

Glorious Silence

The New Zealand countryside is glorious, but Christine and I took an overnight cruise through Fiordland, eventually sailing into Doubtful Sound. The captain of the ship asked us all, about 200 tourists, to be silent for a few minutes as he turned off the engines. We sat in the middle of this beautiful, tranquil fjord in deep, natural silence. Simply serene. As we sailed towards the sea, a family of bottlenose dolphins played at the prow—their obvious delight mirroring ours.

Self-Guided Rainbows

Disney flew us to Jordan last year to film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. We had a couple of days off and visited Petra. Christine got hold of a map and we went on a walking tour of our own. We found the less visited High Place of Sacrifice and ended at The Monastery. Just as miraculous as the ancient buildings carved into the cliffs were the colorful striations of sandstone—ancient layers of wacky designs, making for rainbow-hued cliff faces scribbled with wiggly lines. Nature’s graffiti. Magical! Absolutely magical!

Anthony Daniels’ new book, I Am C-3PO, is out now, and his final Star Wars film, The Rise of Skywalker, debuts this month.

Anthony’s Packing List

A Packing List
I have a printed page with 120 items. I tick each item off as I put it, or don’t put it, in my case.

Nail File
There is nothing more irritating than when you suddenly snag a fingernail.

Hand Wipes
I’m not a germaphobe, but if you’re touching all sorts of things in foreign lands, it’s a good idea to clean your hands occasionally.

I take a woolen scarf on flights. I wrap it around my head rather than using one of those funky eye mask things.


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