Simon Beck's Snowshoe Art Resembles Crop Circles

Snowshoe artist Simon Beck draws inspiration from fractal geometry and crop circles.

WORDS Rob Goyanes
December 2019

Courtesy of Simon Beck

Fifteen years ago, Simon Beck was standing outside of his apartment on the French ski resort of Les Arcs. A snowstorm had freshly blanketed a small lake, and he was struck with the urge to make it his canvas. He trotted out a design using only his snowshoes. “I just paced out five equally spaced points,” he says. Since then, he’s made 325 designs around the world with the whimsy of snow angels and the intricacy of Tibetan sand mandalas.

“The most beautiful drawings I make,” Beck says, “are those that represent natural, geometric shapes.” These shapes also happen to look like crop circles, which Beck has been inspired by—though the artist is skeptical that aliens have ever made art out of cornfields. His designs, rather, are about people and the planet. “The more we find out about the universe, the more one realizes what a rare and wonderful place the Earth is.”


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