Ease Out of Dry January With These Veggie Cocktails

These plant-based drinks go beyond the Bloody Mary.

WORDS Jen Rose Smith
February 2020

Courtesy of Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour

I Don’t Carrot All
Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour

A charismatic jolt of ginger, lime and coconut cream complement carrot juice in a silky Żubrówka vodka highball whose bright-colored garnish of slivered crudités could double as a salad course.

Courtesy of Dragonfly and Nora Hamade

Salad Imposter
Hong Kong

Parmesan-infused Gin Mare is a salty, savory backbone for plum tomatoes and fresh basil in this salad-lover’s coupe glass, topped with peach vinaigrette and seasoned mozzarella.

Courtesy of Botanist Bar

Garden Variety
Botanist Bar

The natural sweetness of red peppers shines alongside yellow chartreuse, cachaça, lime and a mineral dose of saline meant to evoke sunny days of playing outdoors.


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