My Travel Tales: Bree Condon

The Bombshell actress shares her fondest travel memories.

WORDS Bree Condon
January 2020

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Tea Spree

My dad and I went on a father-daughter motorcycle tour around the northern regions of India. It was stunning! I got addicted to chai teas. They make this masala chai tea a certain way and we would stop for about five tea breaks a day. They make them on the side of the road in outdoor stands, and it’s the most delicious tea I have ever had in my life.

Five-Star Caves

I went to Petra in Jordan last year and it was one of the most amazing trips I have ever taken. I went on a long hike, and a young man from the local nomadic tribe noticed I was tired and offered me a ride down on his mule. He told me about how they all live in caves, and how he actually lists his cave on Airbnb. I thought he was messing with me, but when I got home I checked. He has all five-star reviews!

Mexican Time Warp

I first went to San Miguel de Allende—it’s a small town in Central Mexico—because a girlfriend of mine opened a boutique hotel called Casa Delphine. It was like a time warp—the entire town is cobblestoned streets, no two buildings are the same color, and there are no traffic lights anywhere. I loved it so much I actually went back to get married there!

Tile Quest

My husband and I went to Seville in Spain to hunt for Spanish tiles but ended up enjoying the city more than we expected. They have amazing flamenco shows set in these intimate rustic buildings, and of course the tapas and wine bars are so charming. We did end up finding a lot of tiles and ended up lugging these cement blocks in our carry-ons on the way home.

Bree’s Packing List

Reusable Water Bottle

When I travel, I find myself using more single-use plastic, so I take the bottle with me all day when I’m exploring or after going through security in the airport.

Essential Oil Rollers

I recently found one from Aesop called “Ginger Flight Therapy.” It’s very calming and the ginger even helps with my motion sickness. It smells so amazing.

Sheet Face Masks

I don’t care if I look crazy with it on. It’s so refreshing. I can do them in my hotel room and have a spa moment without having to go to the spa.

Little Black Dress

Having a staple black dress that can be dressed up if you go somewhere nice at night or that can be dressed down during the daytime has saved me on many last-minute invites.


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