My Travel Tales: Niecy Nash

The Claws actress and comedian discusses her favorite travel memories, from jerk chicken in Jamaica to a Hawaiian holiday with Oprah.

February 2020

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That Chicken, Though

In 2013 I visited Jamaica with my sister and one of my dear friends. It was kind of a girls trip. We had a private cabana right on the beach, and we timed leaving our room to the exact moment we knew the jerk-chicken man would walk by.

First Time For Everything

In 2018 my entire family went to Cancún to celebrate after the unveiling of my star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We did all of the outdoor activities, and then some! We snorkeled, rode Jet Skis, and I even kissed a dolphin for the first time. I also tried mezcal—I had never tasted it until I went to Cancún.

Dancing In Cabo

After we wrapped season 10 of Dancing with the Stars in 2010, most of the cast went to Cabo San Lucas. It was so much fun! My dance partner, Louis Van Amstel, was there, and it was just like being on set—but in Cabo. You can’t go to Mexico with the cast and not stay out dancing all night long.

New Year’s Magic

In the winter of 2016, we landed in the U.K. and took the train to spend New Year’s in Paris—it doesn’t get better. Paris is magical. I went to the theater, we saw fireworks at the Eiffel Tower and I visited the Louvre—I had to see my good friend Mona Lisa. I even took pictures of her.

Oprah’s Sleepover

I went on vacation with Oprah! Ava DuVernay and I stayed with her at her private estate in Hawaii. It was almost a girls' trip except that David Oyelowo was there, too. Even then, we still had a slumber party. We spent our time relaxing and having a good time.

Niecy’s Packing List

Wet Wipes

I use these to clean anything at any time. And I mean everything! If I can, I wipe down the walls when I get to a hotel.


I always have a good book with me. I’m part of Oprah’s Book Club, and right now I am reading The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates. 

Neck Pillow

I always take a good neck pillow on the flight with me. I like the cute doughnut-shaped ones.


I bring my wigs in my carry-on. I can always buy clothes, but I don’t want to try to buy hair in a strange place. I take several every trip because I never know how I might feel.


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