The Worse the Weather, the Better the Deal

At The Lost Resort, cabin rentals cost the same as the outdoor Fahrenheit temperature.

WORDS Amanda Castleman
February 2020

Illustration by Leonard Beard

You might be shivering but your wallet will thank you. This winter, a canny hotel proprietor has announced a plan where cabins cost the same as the outdoor Fahrenheit temperature. Rob Snyder, owner of The Lost Resort, started this rate roulette to attract business during the area’s mild, but misty, winters, when the mercury averages 45 degrees.

Snyder washed up on the Olympic Peninsula in the ’70s. He lingered, logging, fishing and eventually building 30 tent sites, three cabins and a general store. His cabins sit on the edge of the Olympic National Park, the largest swath of protected temperate rainforest in the American northwest. “People ask whether I’ll pay them if it’s below zero,” he says, chuckling. “No way! I’ll be in Arizona getting some sun.”


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