Three Lucky Landmarks to Visit on St. Patrick's Day

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, we look at some of the luckiest places in the world.

WORDS Epi Erichsen
March 2020

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The Blarney Stone
Cork, Ireland
Tongue-tied travelers flock to Blarney Castle, St. Patrick’s original stomping grounds, to receive “the gift of the gab.” Those who seek eloquence are told to lie upside down and kiss an ancient block of limestone. Good luck getting them to stay quiet afterward.

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Trevi Fountain
Rome, Italy
Legend has it, if you throw one coin into the blue-green fountain you’re guaranteed to return to the Eternal City. Throw two coins, and you’ll find the love of your life. Three coins will land you a Roman wedding. Either way, the coins are donated to charity each year.


Winged Figures of the Republic
Black Canyon, Nevada
You can find some of the luckiest feet around on the two-winged bronze statues flanking the flagpole at the Hoover Dam visitor center. Less than an hour away from Las Vegas, the 20 toes have been rubbed gold from being massaged so many times.

Epi Erichsen

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