Stories by “ Boyd Farrow ”

Boyd Farrow

Raubdruckerin Art Collective Makes Guerilla Souvenir Art

A Berlin art collective relies on a city’s unique infrastructure to create authentic souvenirs.

Eat Caviar in an Inner Tube on Seabourn’s Odyssey Cruise Ship

A new winter cruise to the Caribbean offers a fresh way to eat caviar.

New West End Restaurant Serves Cheese on a Conveyor Belt

A London restaurant is serving plates of cheese on a 130-foot-long conveyor belt, sushi-style.

Local Takes: Dubrovnik

Five notable locals show us how to do their town, their way

Divine Taste in Socks

For a mere $15, you too can sport a bit of papal

Washed Up

At the Friedrichsbad Roman baths, I learned that the path to inner peace is long, steamy and difficult to find.