Stories by “ Jess Swanson ”

Jess Swanson

Jess Swanson is the associate editor at American Way and Celebrated Living. She graduated from Columbia University School of Journalism. Her reporting has taken her from the python-infested Everglades swamps to a bubbling onsen in Tokyo to a lava-spouting volcano in Nicaragua.


Sea Change

For centuries, women divers have worked the seas off Korea’s Jeju Island, holding their breath for minutes at a time to hunt the…

A Quiet Place

Most people would love a weekend retreat where no one speaks. But how would this chatty millennial keep silent? 

Taking Flight

An astrophysicist-turned-photographer captures Bolivia’s indigenous women packing punches and new opportunities 

Where there’s smoke, there’s a cocktail at this Gainesville bar

AC Hotel bar in Gainesville, Florida, is igniting a bevy of different woods and herbs and pairing the aromatic smoke with cocktails.

Where can you find the best barbecue in Texas? Photographer Wyatt McSpadden knows.

Wyatt McSpadden traveled across Texas photographing the grub that binds the state together: barbecue

The world's highest-paid skateboarder grows up

Nyjah Huston prepares for Norway’s X Games with an eye on Japan’s Olympics

Neighborhood Watch: Getsemani

A centuries-old, pastel-hued barrio in Cartagena, Colombia is in the midst of a cultural renaissance.