Vik Chile

H-830, Millahue, San Vicente, Región del Libertador Gral. Bernardo O’Higgins, Chile.

Two hours south of Santiago in the fertile Millahue Valley, I arrive at Vik Chile’s hilltop hotel to find a landscape lost in chilly winter fog. But as the morning progresses, soft golden light slowly unveils a narrow valley of colorful wetlands and glassy lagoons hemmed in by rolling, wooded hills, with vineyards patterning the lower slopes. Brilliant sunshine soon transforms the grey surroundings into a vibrant painting. The native Mapuche meaning of Millahue—“place of gold”—is immediately clear. And that golden light is responsible for much more than picturesque vistas: It’s also a key component in creating the world-class silky red wines of Viña Vik, Vik Chile’s accompanying 11,000-acre holistic vineyard, featuring a futuristic, eco-conscious winery. 

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